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About Us

Sports Courts

Our three sport courts are home to youth in need of access to a space where they can get moving, get inspired and learn valuable life skills. Innovative programming will enhance the proven benefits of sport participation such as building grit, self esteem and resilience.


Off the court, classrooms provide supportive learning environments to supplement sport participation.  Our leading edge, integrative programming strategy, will teach youth the essential life skills that ensure they are ready for school and work.

Nutrition Hub

Proper nutrition is an essential building block for children to reach their full potential.  The nutrition hub encourages healthy eating habits, the promotion of positive lifestyle choices and a space for hospitality workforce development opportunities.

Adventure Wall

The adventure wall provides youth with a unique way to develop fundamental movement skills. They will learn to test their limits and build courage in a fun, safe way.

Wellness Room

Our wellness room provides a safe, accessible and inclusive space for members and families to speak to professional counselors from Lumenus. The space includes two counseling rooms and a comfortable waiting room.

Space Usage

Interested In Using Our Facilities?

All MLSE LaunchPad operated programs have first priority for the use of the property. It is the policy of MLSE LaunchPad to make its facilities available to other individuals and groups in the following order:


  • Organizations that currently partner with MLSE LaunchPad
  • Non-profit community service organizations that support the unmet needs of the local community
  • Non-profit community service organizations who support the objectives of MLSE LaunchPad by their stated purposes and actions
  • Non-profit community service organizations and whose programs are not in conflict with the intended impact of MLSE LaunchPad
  • Organizations that contribute to the Sport for Development sector in an ongoing and inclusive manner
* Please note: at this time MLSE LaunchPad cannot be rented for fundraisers.

Our 4 Pillars


Healthy body

Get active, stay active, and make healthy choices.

Healthy mind

Build skills for life like grit, resilience, and self-esteem.

Ready for school

Engage academically, and learn how to collaborate and think critically.

Ready for work

Get work-ready and become a leader in your chosen field.


To anti-racism, equity & inclusion

To fulfill our mission, we know that our work must engage with the systems of power and oppression which impact the communities we serve. In doing so, we recognize our own positionality and commit to transforming our work in ways that support the dismantling of systemic racism, amplify the lived experiences of Black, Indigenous and other communities of colour, and hold us accountable to meaningful and lasting change.
We know the game is fixed, that the playing field isn’t even, that the score doesn’t start 0-0. To support the communities we serve we must act. Let’s Change the Game.

Hours of Operation


Reach Us

259 Jarvis St. Toronto,
ON M5B 2C2